Your role strengthening our national security

Your support is ensuring that Heritage’s defense team has the resources needed to make an incredible impact on our nation’s security.

No other think tank can match the real world experience of Heritage’s defense team. The team has recently grown from 3 to 8 people, making it a nimble and effective group.

The team is made up of high ranking officers from each of the military branches and collectively they hold over 100 years of military experience.

Because of your support, Heritage’s defense team is able to maintain a completely unbiased perspective–unlike other think tanks that rely on government or industry money for their funding.

Some of their specific recommendations have been incorporated in the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA), which recently worked its way through Congress.

Here’s a list of their recommendations that were included in the NDAA:

  • A topline base budget of $632 billion with $14 billion in reinvested savings.
  • Ending the establishment of a new Space Corps and for the streamlining of the space command-and-control structure.
  • A 2.4% pay raise, in opposition to initial 2.1% raises that were suggested by the White House and the Senate.
  • The Conference also took Heritage’s recommendation to reduce the number of headquarters high-level staff. It limits the number of Deputy Assistant Secretary to 48 and removes one Assistant Secretary.
  • The Conference adopted the full initial Heritage recommendation for the Missile Defense Agency and the supplemental request that was issue by the White House in November. The MDA funding totaled $12.3 billion in the conference report.
  • A more robust shipbuilding account to accelerate the goal of a 355 fleet. The Conference report authorized the building of 14 new ships, above both the House and the Senate initial NDAA.
  • More robust incentive pay programs for desirable and needed careers. 

Our Index of Military Strength continues to be an indispensable resource for the administration, with over 1 million page views to date.

Your support makes all of this possible.

Do you believe America’ s military is well-prepared for global conflict?

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