Your role in slashing government regulations

President Trump’s administration has brought about many de-regulations this past year that were recommended in Heritage’s Mandate for Leadership policy agenda.

According to Heritage expert Diane Katz:

Federal rulemaking slowed dramatically in 2017, with the Trump administration issuing two-thirds fewer regulations in its first year (1,136) than both Presidents Barack Obama (3,356) and George W. Bush (3,927).

The White House has also committed federal agencies to more than 400 deregulatory actions in 2018.

Here are 10 of the past year’s most consequential actions to rein in the regulatory excesses of previous administrations.

Find out the top 10 ways the Trump Administration beat back excessive regulation in 2017 >>

These are huge steps forward in decreasing the power of federal agencies.

With fewer government regulations the economy will be able to grow stronger and more power will be given back into the hands of congress and the American people instead of unelected, power-hungry agencies.

Thank you for making this possible.

What other areas of the Federal government should be de-regulated more?

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