Your influence on the Supreme Court

Three weeks ago we celebrated the success of the most important religious liberty case this past term. In the Trinity Lutheran case, the Supreme Court issued a decisive victory preventing a form of religious discrimination.

Missouri had denied Trinity Lutheran a grant to update its preschool playground because it was a church. The Supreme Court’s reversal recognized this action inappropriately violated the Free Exercise Clause and put churches at a disadvantage when competing with secular organizations for state funds.

David Cortman of Alliance Defending Freedom (ADF), who advocated for Trinity Lutheran in this case, had the following to say about Heritage’s impact in cases like this:

Heritage has consistently provided invaluable assistance and support in many Supreme Court cases for ADF, including the recent victories in Trinity Lutheran and Reed v. Town of Gilbert.  In addition to hosting an amicus participation conference, the team there gladly hosts moot courts—which always include an excellent panel of heavy-hitters. To its credit, Heritage continues to be involved in the most important issues of the day.

Thanks to you, Heritage is able to provide essential support for advocates like David and groups like ADF.

Together, we are able to stand against the tide of culture and fight for the principles that made our country great.

What you think conservatives should be doing to strengthen the integrity of the Supreme Court?

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