Your impact on protecting America from nuclear attack

Last week the U.S. had a successful launch of the missile defense system. The missile defense system is key to the U.S. national defense strategy because it  intercepts incoming ballistic missiles and destroys them before they reach their target.

For over 30 years Heritage has been instrumental in pushing the need for a stronger, more comprehensive missile defense strategy. Beginning in 1982, Heritage published its first missile defense study that promoted the idea of destroying missiles before they reached America — an idea that wasn’t commonly thought possible at the time. One year later, President Reagan made his historic announcement of the Strategic Defense Initiative (SDI) that would put these ideas into practice.

Prior to Reagan’s announcement, the policymakers at the time believed that the Mutual Assured Destruction (MAD) missile strategy was sufficient. Simply put, the underlying idea behind MAD was to stockpile enough nuclear weapons that even after an enemy attacked you would still have enough left to inflict damage on them.

In the years since Reagan’s announcement of SDI, Heritage has spent a great amount of time educating members of Congress about the importance of a comprehensive missile defense system and promoting research on the subject.

Last week’s successful, timely test marks a significant national defense accomplishment that would not have been possible without your support of Heritage’s work on advancing missile defense.

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Do you agree with the need for a strong, comprehensive missile defense system? Why or why not?

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