You make Heritage a leading voice on North Korea

Since South Korean President Moon Jae-in and North Korean leader Kim Jong-un met on April 27 and discussed complete denuclearization and the end of the Korean War, Heritage experts have provided more of their analysis of the situation and advice for South Korea and the United States moving forward. 

Heritage expert Bruce Klingner wrote multiple pieces on both and South Korea’s meeting, and what might happen afterward. In addition to releasing a report advising caution on the success of diplomatic resolutions, and recommending that President Trump learn from past US interactions with North Korea, he released a commentary piece reminding of North Korea’s previous broken promises. Later in the week, he released another detailed report outlining North Korea’s strategic objectives in more detail, and recommending how President Trump should frame his negotiations with the North Korean dictator. 

Policy analyst Olivia Enos also released a commentary on Monday outlining how negotiations should proceed for America and South Korea, and what they might expect from North Korea.

Many publications also reached out to Heritage scholars for their expertise in the North Korean situation. The Atlantic quoted Klingner in their write-up on last week’s events, and Heritage expert Dean Cheng discussed the political atmosphere surrounding negotiations with The Hill. Another Heritage expert, General Thomas Spoehr, offered his analysis of the United States military’s impact on negotiations to Stars and Stripes.

Because of your support, Heritage’s recommendations on the developments in Asia are respected and sought out in the political community. We are all hard at work to keep abreast of what happens, and make sure we offer the most relevant analysis and policy as negotiations move forward. 

What advice would you give to President Trump before his meeting with North Korean leader Kim Jong-un?

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