You keep America safe by advancing strong military policy

This week, Congress is hard at work on the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA), an annual bill that serves as approval for our military to continue defending America. It’s a crucial bill, and a unique one in that it almost always passes and is almost always bipartisan, which makes it a key opportunity for encouraging conservative policy.

The NDAA is crucial because it helps to dictate our military readiness. And to that end, Heritage’s experts have been hard at work making sure that conservative policy has a place at the table as committees decide how ready America will be for any coming threats.

Every year, Heritage releases its influential Index of Military Readiness, which outlines how well-equipped and prepared the American military is for an attack right now. And for the last few years, the results have been alarming: our military is in a shaky place, using out-of-date equipment, not training its soldiers well enough, and allowing too many irrelevant programs and political pet projects to suck up its already scanty budget. It’s more important than ever for the new NDAA to address the problems in the military and make sure that we are prepared to protect our country.

At the beginning of the process for the newest NDAA, the defense experts at Heritage released a detailed report highlighting that the NDAA this year must lay the groundwork for the military to recover its strength. While they say it will take more than a year to undo the deterioration the army has suffered, it is even more important that the military has the resources and support that it needs to keep America safe well into the future.

What do you think should be done about the military?

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