You helped bring an end to the Iran deal

Last Tuesday, President Trump announced that America would withdraw from the Iran nuclear deal ahead of May 12’s deadline, and reimpose economic sanctions on the country. Much of his speech echoed policy recommendations that Heritage has made for some time. While the mainstream media immediately leapt into panic mode, Heritage experts provided much-needed rational insight into why the deal needed to end, and what should happen next.

Immediately after Trump announced the end of the deal, Heritage expert Jim Phillips published an article on The Daily Signal showing why this was the right decision for Trump to make. He goes step-by-step through the important points that Trump made in his speech, pointing out how the President correctly highlighted the issues that needed to be addressed, such as condemning the deal’s flaws, encouraging Iran to end its nuclear programs, and distinguishing between the oppressive regime and the oppressed Iranian people. Phillips notes that this puts the right amount of pressure on the Iranian government to seek diplomacy with America instead of nuclear blackmail.

Heritage has laid the groundwork for a move away from the Iran deal since it began. On the same day that the deal was announced in 2015, Phillips outlined the major flaws it had in a commentary piece. More recently, he explained the details of the Iran deal in the Heritage Explains podcast, and why it would be a dead end no matter what America did. Phillips also hosted several leading voices on conservative policy for a public event on the same topic last week: Senior Vice President of the American Foreign Policy Council Ilan Berman, Senior Advisor for the Foundation for Defense of Democracies Richard Goldberg, and Resident Scholar at The American Enterprise Institute Dr. Michael Rubin. During the event, the panel discussed the problems of the deal and what should be done to fix them.  You can watch the video of the event here >>

Since the story broke, many news sources have gone to Heritage experts for their analysis of the situation. USA TODAY interviewed Heritage expert Bruce Klingner in one article, to get his opinion on how the end of the Iran deal might impact an agreement with North Korea. VOA News published Heritage expert James Carafano’s remarks in their write-up. He also defended Trump’s decision to end the deal.

Looking forward, Heritage experts will continue to monitor and publish recommendations on how America should move forward with Iran.

What do you think about the end of the nuclear deal?


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