You bring Congress conservative alternatives to Obamacare

Heritage is working on a new plan to topple one of the worst programs the last administration saddled America with: Obamacare.

Last week, The Hill released an article that highlighted the work that Heritage is doing alongside The Galen Institute and Senator Rick Santorum (R-Pa) to come up with a new Obamacare replacement plan, set to be released later this month. Heritage expert Marie Fishpaw explained the rationale behind their new plan, and why it matters that we develop a plan now.

In January, members of the group that are crafting this plan published an open letter to President Trump, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, and House Speaker Paul Ryan on Heritage’s website, where they urged the leaders to prioritize healthcare reform. And last month Heritage expert Marie Fishpaw and Galen Institute president Grace-Marie Turner released a commentary on the issue, outlining the problems with the current system and the need for any reforms to recognize how health care systems have different needs state to state and region to region. 

With leading conservative voices allied behind a better alternative to Obamacare, the framework is set for conservative change in America’s health system. Whether or not congress puts reforms to a vote this year, Heritage’s recommendations will shape the conversation on healthcare reform moving forward. 

What do you think healthcare reform should look like?

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