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History was in the making last night in Singapore, as President Trump met with North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un. It was the culmination of a wild ride that our foreign policy team at The Heritage Foundation have been watching very closely.

And right now especially, I couldn’t be prouder of The Heritage Foundation’s very own analyst, Olivia Enos.

Olivia has done a lot of excellent work providing commentary as the situation with North Korea unfolded, especially in analyzing North Korea’s actions from a human rights perspective. And this week, she had the honor of flying out to Singapore for the summit, as the only representative present from a major think tank. While she is there, she is speaking out to make sure that the most important issues of the summit get the coverage they deserve: proper denuclearization of North Korea, and ending the oppression of the North Korean people by the Kim regime. BBC interviewed her twice on Monday, once on her perspective on President Trump’s agenda, and again on her assessment of how events were unfolding in Singapore and the importance of dismantling North Korea’s prison camps.

Through your support for Heritage, you’re making it possible for experts like Olivia to be the mouthpiece both for conservative principles and priorities, and for the North Korean people who cannot speak for themselves.

What do you think are the best next steps after the Trump-Kim summit?

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