You are the catalyst for the push against toxic discrimination

Heritage has a unique place on Capitol Hill: our experts and staff have the resources and expertise to address not only problems in the top halls of government, but problems thatimpact citizens and communities every day.

Recently, America’s culture has struggled with the cancer identity politics. From affirmative action programs to laws threatening religious freedom in the name of “tolerance,” the deeply American value that “all men are created equal” is threatened from all sides.

That’s where you and Heritage come in. 

Heritage experts are taking a stand against identity politics, in an effort spearheaded by expert Mike Gonzalez. In addition to authoring a new book on identity politics, Gonzalez has released multiple works both in The Daily Signal and elsewhere on the problem of identity politics. Last week, he published a piece in the Atlantic City Press, contrasting how while conservatives are silenced on college campuses, progressive and even communist voices can speak proud, loud, and long if they fit in a multicultural box.

Other experts are also sounding off on the issue. Last Monday, senior research fellow Ryan Anderson released a detailed commentary on how anti-discrimination policies have been abused in recent years, and how anti-discrimination should really work if it is going to protect everyone without propping up a biased agenda or interfering with freedom of speech or religion.

By raising awareness of the problems and solutions to identity politics, your support of Heritage is bringing sound conservative insight to the issues facing Americans today.

How have you seen identity politics impact your community? What do you think we should do about the problem? 

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