You are pushing the American economy forward

Earlier this summer President Trump tasked OMB Director Mick Mulvaney to come up with a plan to get America back on track for real growth in the economy. The goal is to get sustained economic growth up to 3% or higher.

Immediately after being assigned that project, Director Mulvaney and his team called upon Heritage and Heritage Action for help in pulling together such a plan.

Since then Heritage’s economic experts have been working closely with Director Mulvaney’s team to craft this plan that would provide a much-needed economic boost to our country.

The key areas the plan will focus on are tax reform, unnecessary regulation, welfare reform, restraining government spending, smart energy strategy, fair trade for America, and strengthening America’s infrastructure.

Describing the need for this plan, Director Mulvaney recently wrote in the Wall Street Journal that:

“The focus of MAGAnomics is simple: Grow the economy and with it the wealth of, and opportunity for, all Americans. It does that by focusing on fundamental principles that made the U.S. economy the greatest engine of prosperity in the history of the planet:

If we enact the president’s broad agenda–if MAGAnomics is allowed to work–we will have set the stage for the greatest revival of the American economy since the early 1980s.”

This is the economic progress that our nation needs and that President Trump promises to push forward.

This is also a great example of Heritage doing what it was created to do–provide conservative policy solutions to get our country back on track.

Your support of Heritage is directly enabling this impact and you should be proud.

It’s the continued commitment of members like you that will revitalize our economy and get America back to work.

Thank you for making this possible.

What do you believe is the biggest issue holding America’s economy back?

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