You are leading the debate on school safety

On the eve of the March For Our Lives, where hundreds of students are expected to march on DC promoting gun control policy, Heritage had a more holistic approach: this past Wednesday and Thursday, The Heritage Foundation hosted an event to discuss school safety.

Dozens of members, students, and activists came to Washington from across the country to learn about the many factors that cause violence in our schools. They also discussed the ways that policymakers, teachers, and law enforcement can better address the real problems causing school shootings, such as mental illness, gang violence, and school discipline.

Despite a snowstorm forcing Heritage to close its doors on the first day of the event, Vice President for Policy Promotion Bridgett Wagner and her team set up and conducted the first session of the initiative at the JW Marriott, where many of the attendees were staying. There, they had the opportunity to engage and network with one another, while discussing how to best frame the school safety debate.

The second day of the event took place at Heritage, and there attendees listened to President Kay Coles James expand the debate past gun control, and discussed the solutions and the policies that could help make our schools safer.

“The solution should not be to throw more money into the system,” explained Laura Erekson, an attendee and former Heritage intern who is a junior in college. “We need more people who care about the schools and care about the kids. School safety should be our topic, not gun violence.”

Together, Heritage and Heritage members are shifting the discussion from the symptoms of school safety to the sources, and are advancing real conservative solutions to one of America’s most tragic issues.


What do you think is the first issue we need to tackle in order to make our schools safer?

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