You are encouraging freedom of speech on social media

For years, social media platforms like Facebook have shown dangerous biases against conservative messages and users on their platform. And now Heritage is making sure that bias doesn’t impact the social media service anymore.

For the last several months, Heritage has been hosting talks and fostering a relationship with Facebook. This relationship has grown especially since Heritage hired ex-CIA consultant and tech policy expert Klon Kitchen as a senior fellow. In the press release announcing his hire, Heritage expert James Jay Carafano noted that conservatives have largely remained quiet on tech policy in the past, and that with Kitchen’s addition to the Heritage team, conservatives would have an opportunity to advance a conservative worldview on this quickly changing but integral part of our lives.

Kitchen has worked hard to foster the relationship between Heritage and Facebook, recognizing that in order to preserve conservative voices on the social media platforms we spend so much time interacting on, an open conversation needs to happen between the conservative think tank and the tech company. As reported in Axios last May, Facebook agreed to consult with Heritage and with Republican Senator Jon Kyl on how to better work with conservative groups moving forward, and how to be more transparent about its operations. An example of the dialogue happened last April in an event that Kitchen hosted featuring Facebook Head of Global Policy Management Monica Bickert, where she and Kitchen discussed the social media platform’s duty to use its influence for the good of all its users.

Last week, mainstream media news sources took notice of the partnership. The Washington Post ran a feature on the change in Facebook’s approach to conservatism, referencing the company’s meetings with us. New Republic, a heavily left-leaning publication, also took note of the relationship. While they took a more jaded view of the partnership, as did CNN in their opinion piece on the topic, the real narrative runs clearly through all of the media attention that the issue has received: left-leaning social media companies aren’t ignoring the conservative message anymore.

Because of you, we have the influence we need to make sure that conservative voices are not silenced. Thank you for your committed support!

What do you think are the best ways to defend conservative viewpoints online?

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