You are cutting spending in the federal government

Heritage staff and alumni are making great impact curbing the excessive spending of the federal government.

This week, the Washington Post ran an article that discussed Trump’s labor adviser James Sherk’s plans to reduce federal spending. Sherk is a former Heritage expert that focused on labor economics and data modeling.  The article stated:

Now, with James Sherk — a chief proponent of the notion that federal workers are overpaid — serving as Trump’s labor adviser, the proposals stand their best chance yet of becoming policies that dig deep into federal employees’ pockets.

Sherk, a labor economist, joined Trump’s team early this year after working for the conservative Heritage Foundation. His co-authored report, “Why It Is Time to Reform Compensation for Federal Employees,” was published by Heritage just days after the 2016 Republican National Convention nominated Trump.

“Our paper was intended to serve as a framework for any candidate or elected official who wants to improve the way the federal government operates and offer more competitive options to federal employees,” Rachel Greszler, a Heritage economist who wrote the report with Sherk, said by email Friday.

Thanks to your support Heritage experts are making a huge impact in Washington.

How do we cut size and scope of the federal government?

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