Where we stand sixteen years after 9/11

The horrific attacks on September 11, 2001 shook our country and changed the course of our future.

On Monday we remembered the 16th anniversary of those attacks and the impact they had on each of our lives.

I’m sure each of you still remember exactly where you were when you first heard the news of the attacks. I know I do.

Now, after sixteen years, Heritage White House Correspondent Fred Lucas explains where we stand today in the war on terrorism and why the government lacks the answers needed in combatting this war.

Find out where we stand today >>

In addition, Heritage maintains the only database of all the terror plots against the United States since 9/11.

You might be surprised to learn how many terror plots there have been and why they have continued to rise.

View the timeline of terror attacks >>

Where do you think we stand in the war on terror? What needs to change?


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