What it takes to reorganize the Federal government

You are leading the charge to make the Federal government more efficient, effective and accountable through the work of Heritage.

As previously mentioned, earlier this summer President Trump tasked OMB Director Mick Mulvaney to come up with a plan to get America back on track for real growth in the economy. The goal is to get sustained economic growth up to 3% or higher.

Immediately after being assigned that project, Director Mulvaney and his team called upon Heritage and Heritage Action for help in pulling together such a plan.

Since then Heritage’s economic experts have been working closely with Director Mulvaney’s team to craft this plan that would provide a much-needed economic boost to our country.

Specifically, in an effort to provide the OMB with its request for ideas for reform, Heritage published two separate Blueprint for Reorganization reports. The first, An Analysis of Federal Departments and Agencies, contains bold and timely recommendations to downsize and reform the Executive Branch while the second, Pathways to Reform and Cross-Cutting Issues, discusses the problems of a cluttered and overgrown federal government, the history of executive branch reorganizations, various pathways for a successful reorganization, and recommendations for cross-cutting reforms – such as federal personnel, budget, and regulatory reforms – to help streamline and improve the federal government.

As part of that plan Heritage hosted an event Tuesday titled, Reorganizing the Federal Government: What needs to be done and how to do it. At this event a panel of experts explained the steps needed to reorganize the Federal government.

You can watch the full video below:

Do you think the Federal government needs to be reorganized to make it more efficient? If so, how would you start reorganizing it?

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