Video: Heritage counter-terrorism expert on Manchester terror attack

In the wake of another deadly terrorist attack in the United Kingdom, Heritage counter-terrorism expert Robin Simcox took to the media to shed light on what’s happening.

Below you can watch his interview on CNN:

In an article on the Daily Signal Simcox explains why the British terror threat will not improve soon:

The intelligence agencies currently assess the overall risk of an attack to be “severe,” meaning another attack is “highly likely.”

Part of the reason for this is that approximately 850 Brits have traveled to Syria to fight in the conflict there. Many will have joined ISIS and are returning with training and combat experience. The U.K. will remain under threat.

The barbarism of this attack—targeting a concert overwhelmingly attended by teenage girls and children—is almost unspeakable. Yet this is the nature of the ideological enemy we face: There are no limits to the kind of carnage they wish to unleash.

Until the scourge of Islamist ideology is eradicated, the horrendous images that we have seen over the last 24 hours will appear time and again.

Simcox also made appearances on CBS and ABC.

Do you agree with Simcox’s analysis?  What actions should the US Government take to stop the threat of terrorism?


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