Update: Solving the school safety issue

Heritage is making real progress in developing solutions that make our schools safe.

This week, we launched a new site that is focused entirely on our new school safety initiative.

On this site–which will be updated regularly–you will find plans for a “Teach-In” event on March 21-22 that will precede the Left’s “March for our Lives” gun control rally on March 24.

Participants will learn more about the events of February 14 in Parkland, Florida, how they might have been prevented, and the real causes of school violence. We’ll take a deep dive into solutions—including hearing about programs that strengthen families and make schools safer.

Watch Heritage’s President Kay Coles James address this new initiative:

View the site >>

You will also find the latest research and stats surrounding this debate including:

Fact Sheet: Gun Violence >>

The Current Gun Debate: Mass Shootings >>


What do you think should be done about school safety?

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