Trump cites Heritage research on Paris climate agreement

President Trump cited Heritage research on the Paris climate change agreement during a speech last week in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania:

On top of that, it is estimated that for compliance with the agreement could ultimately shrink America’s GDP by $2.5 trillion over a 10 year period.

The figure is drawn from a report by Heritage experts Kevin Dayaratna, Nicolas Loris and David Kreutzer. They concluded that the Paris climate accord would inflict devastating economic costs for practical no environmental benefit.

This is not the first time the Trump White House has drawn on Heritage research into climate change regulations. In March, he issued an executive order undoing an Obama-era policy requiring the EPA to consider the “social cost of carbon” when making regulations. Trump’s order was inspired by a 2013 Heritage analysis finding that the EPA’s models were fundamentally flawed.

Rolling back the “social cost of carbon” policy and other climate regulations could boost the economy, Loris wrote in March.

Do you think the United States should withdraw from the Paris climate agreement?

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