The Syrian gas attacks and what Trump’s administration can do

In the wake of the recent chemical weapons attacks in Syria by President Assad’s regime there is an increased need to counter this barbaric aggression.

Heritage expert James Phillips in a piece this week has more below:

…but the United States must do more than just condemn the attacks. It must drive up the diplomatic, political, economic, and potential military costs to the Assad regime of using illegal chemical weapons.

This means conducting a thorough investigation of the matter and holding regime officials accountable for any confirmed war crimes. Sanctions should be ratcheted up on the regime to penalize its unacceptable behavior.

Washington should balk at any further diplomatic understandings with Putin on Syria, until he has taken effective action to address the violations of the 2013 agreement. The Trump administration should not repeat its predecessor’s mistake of trusting Russia to enforce agreements.

In a more detailed report last month, Phillips explains how President Trump can improve U.S. Syrian policy.

His key takeaways are that:

  1. We must keep the Syrian conflict contained within Syrian borders to protect our allies in the region
  2. Neither Russia nor Iran are useful allies
  3. We should ask our allies to provide more military support in Syria

Update: Since this article was posted President Donald Trump has ordered air strikes against Syria that fired dozens of missiles at Syrian military bases.

The Daily Signal’s White House correspondent Fred Lucas has more on these attacks.

What actions do you believe the Trump administration should take to address the Syrian conflict?


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