The New York Times states Heritage policy influencing U.S. Ambassador

The New York Times ran a piece last week titled U.N. Envoy Draws From Playbook of an Aide Steeped in Conservative Ideology. The article states:

The American ambassador to the United Nations, Nikki R. Haley, has candidly described herself as a newcomer to the world of international diplomacy.

For guidance, she has relied, in part, on an important adviser plucked from the Heritage Foundation, a conservative think tank: Steven Groves.

Mr. Groves, who is Ms. Haley’s chief of staff, has described himself as a champion of American sovereignty and has written forcefully against international agreements.

One of the main issues that Ms. Haley has promised to tackle at the United Nations comes from the Heritage Foundation’s playbook: How to fix peacekeeping operations, the organization’s biggest, most costliest element.

Other Heritage Foundation priorities have already found their way into the ambassador’s own. She dismissed the Human Rights Council as “so corrupt,” echoing criticism from Heritage. And she invited the think tank to join her delegation to the annual Commission on the Status of Women. Whether she will withdraw American funding for the United Nations’ population agency, which Heritage has pressed for, remains to be seen.

You can read the full article to find out more about Mr. Groves’ work.

What do you believe Nikki Haley’s number one priority as U.S. Ambassador to the UN should be?

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