The high cost of waiting to ‘drain the swamp’

Heritage President Ed Feulner recently wrote a piece in the Washington Times highlighting the cost of inaction in Washington to ‘drain the swamp’.

The American people rallied around the cry [Drain the Swamp] because it reinforced their impression of what Washington had become: a swamp infested with special-interest groups and power-hungry bureaucrats.

They rallied, too, because it held the promise of getting our country back on track — by reforming the tax code, repealing Obamacare, cutting spending, and eliminating the needless red tape that stifles entrepreneurship and innovation.

But more than five months into the new Congress and the new administration, precious little draining has occurred. The delay in action is not only frustrating, it’s expensive: With the promised reforms, the U.S. could have created as much as $5 billion per day in economic output. If nothing changes, the swamp will end up costing more than 2 million prospective jobs over the next decade…

A filled swamp is expensive to maintain. The American people are waiting for Congress to drain it. And they should expect their elected Representatives to stay in Washington and make the real changes they were elected to do.

Read Feulner’s full article here>>

Also, here’s a short video explaining the high cost Americans will have to pay for the lack of action in Washington:

It’s time for Washington elites to follow-through on their promises to ‘drain the swamp’.

Who do you hold responsible for the continued inaction in Washington?

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