The Daily Signal reaches 100 million views

Your support has allowed Heritage’s news site, The Daily Signal, to play a major role in becoming an alternative source to the mainstream media.

The Daily Signal just passed over 100 million video views this week. 48 million of those views came in just the last quarter of the year.

The way we read our news is changing. People grab bites of news from mobile devices on the go. The Daily Signal is what we created to give people digestible, trusted news on the most important policy debates of the day.

It’s a digital-first, multimedia news platform. Convenient, easy to access, and friendly to younger and older audiences.

Thanks to your support, our team has been developing their investigative and feature reporting, political news, and conservative commentary on the most important politics and policy debate of the day. Writers, reporters, editors, and digital team members are Heritage’s first responders to liberal media bias and “fake news”.

Featured stories focus on free speech, Obamacare, religious liberty, tax reform, and terrorism. We also have a “must-reads” section, along with weekly “We Hear You” pieces, featuring thoughts from dedicated readers like you.

You can subscribe to the Daily Signal for free here.

How important is it to have alternative sources to the mainstream media?



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