Senator Marco Rubio holds ‘deep fake’ technology accountable at Heritage

Senator Marco Rubio (R-FL) visited the Heritage Foundation on Thursday to talk about an issue that only a few Americans even know about: “deep fake� media.

In this new high-tech age that we live in, Rubio explained, people can use special effects with such accuracy that they can manufacture recordings of “you saying or doing something that you never did or said.� These are deceptions that can easily ruin a person’s reputation, and people will certainly believe them.

“I’m grateful that we have this forum here [at Heritage] to begin to talk about this,� Rubio said. We need to address the issue now, he argued, because the technology can sow instability and chaos in the nation.

Watch Rubio’s speech and the following panel:

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How do you think we should address lies and distortions in the media?

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