Secretary of State delivers his first public policy address at Heritage

Last Monday morning, dozens of dignitaries and over 50 media outlets packed tightly into Heritage’s Allison Auditorium. History was taking place: the recently confirmed Secretary of State Mike Pompeo had chosen to deliver his first public policy address at The Heritage Foundation.

The Secretary of State has a special place in his heart for Heritage, which he earnestly expressed after president Kay Coles James introduced him. “First as a private citizen,” he said, “then as a member of Congress, and even today, The Heritage Foundation has shaped my thinking on matters of the world and public policy. I am grateful for that excellent work.”

His strong conservative policy shone through his address, where he justified the President’s decision to withdraw from the deal, and presented Iran’s government with an ultimatum: either stop developing nuclear weapons, stop abusing Iranian civilians, and start acting like a civilized nation—or face fierce sanctions from the United States.

Watch the livestream of the event below:

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Because of your generous donations to Heritage, we have the platform to bring conservative policy to the leaders who need it most. Heritage is very excited to have our friend Secretary Pompeo in his new position, and we look forward to maintaining our relationship with him well into the future. Thank you for making it possible!

What do you think America needs to do next to establish peace in the Middle East?

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