Saving America’s courts from activist judges

As America’s top conservative think tank, Heritage is constantly researching, vetting, and recommending individuals to the President as viable candidates for nomination to judicial offices. Meanwhile, our sister organization, Heritage Action, is committed to engaging and encouraging the Senate to get committed constitutionalists judges confirmed.

In a recent article, John Malcolm, the Vice President for the Institute for Constitutional Government and Director of the Meese Center for Legal and Judicial Studies at Heritage, states:

President Trump, ably assisted by White House Counsel Don McGahn and his team, has nominated 25 highly-qualified men and women to the federal bench.  There are currently 138 vacancies, with 22 more on the horizon.  The president has his work cut out for him, but reshaping the judiciary by appointing constitutionalist judges may well become the defining feature and most lasting legacy of the Trump administration.

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Approximately 390,000 cases are heard in the federal courts each year. Only around 70 make it to the Supreme Court which means the vast majority lie in the hands of one of the 849 federal judges.

As lifetime appointees, nominated by the president and confirmed by the Senate, the impact of these judges is long-lasting. They hold considerable power in deciding today’s most important legal and political issues, which emphasizes the importance of filling these positions with committed, conservative appointees.

So far, President Trump has demonstrated a dedication and willingness to appoint conservative judges, outpacing his predecessors in making conservative court nominations.

Thank you for helping save our federal courts from activist judges.

Do you think enough people realize the importance and impact of courts, especially federal courts, in shaping the direction America takes on key issues of national concern?

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