Protestors block Heritage trustee’s business

The Left is attacking Heritage for the impact we’re having on Donald Trump’s budget.

Recently, Anthony J. Saliba, a Heritage trustee and successful entrepreneur, experienced protests outside of his chicago office for standing with Heritage.


The Daily Signal reports:

The demonstrators marched and chanted, blocked the street and main entrance, and carried signs with messages directed at President Donald Trump, Saliba himself, and The Heritage Foundation, the Washington-based think tank where the entrepreneur has served on the Board of Trustees since 2012.

“They filled the revolving doors so nobody could come or go,” Saliba says, who learned about the protest afterward.

The reason for the self-described resistance March 21: Trump’s proposed budget cuts across most of the government, many of them recommended by Heritage policy experts as part of the think tank’s “Blueprint for Balance.”

“They’re really proud of themselves, you know,” Saliba says of the protesters, citing their Facebook page with its photos and videos of this and past demonstrations.

One blurb on the Facebook page reads: “Heritage is a right-wing think tank … and their members profit from the slashing of federal programs that serve the most vulnerable in our communities. They are behind Trump’s budget cuts and we will continue blocking their agenda until HUD and other essential government agencies are fully funded.”

We are proud to come under fire for conservative principles and will always stand beside Tony Saliba whenever he, or any member of the Heritage family, faces backlash for his conservative principles.

Why do you think the Left has been so involved in constant protests since the presidential election?


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