President Trump’s Administration adopts Heritage’s recommendations

As a Heritage member you’ve just made a tremendous impact on our country.

Heritage just finished a comprehensive review that examined the policy recommendations that President Trump’s team embraced last year.

You will be thrilled to know what they found out.

President Trump’s Administration has adopted or embraced over 64% of Heritage’s recommendations for the administration’s policy agenda from Heritage’s Mandate for Leadership.

This Mandate for Leadership is a comprehensive, conservative policy agenda that Heritage provides for each new administration.

That means your conservative beliefs are making enormous headway in Washington.

Read Heritage’s Mandate for Leadership >>

This is a huge testament to the impact your membership at Heritage is making.

Even the New York Times released a story this week on the significance of these policy adoptions. the story states:

The Trump administration has pursued policies that have hewed remarkably close to the recommendations of a leading conservative think tank, the Heritage Foundation, which found in a new review that nearly two-thirds of its ideas had been carried out or embraced by the White House over the past year.

The results, Heritage found in its review, exceeded even the first year of Ronald Reagan’s presidency, whose tenure has long been the conservative gold standard.

Thank you for making this possible.

What other policy changes would you like to see President Trump’s Administration adopt in 2018?

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