Paving the way for tax reform

Heritage experts Romina Boccia and Adam Michel have been busy working to lay the groundwork for much-needed tax reform that will be debated in the upcoming weeks.

They wrote a piece in The Hill last week that focused on how the House, Senate, and CBO treat tax cuts as they evaluate the impact on the overall budget.

Tax reform is one of the most important legislative priorities for Congress and the administration this fall. Good tax reform will unleash economic growth, creating greater opportunity and prosperity for all Americans.

One obscure choice by the Senate Budget Committee could make or break tax reform this year. The revenue baseline adopted in the Senate budget resolution will determine whether updating the tax code this year can provide tax relief for the American people. The Senate should choose the appropriate budget baseline to pave the way for pro-growth tax reform.

Pro-growth tax reform that provides relief for American families and businesses should be the centerpiece of Congress’ agenda this fall. The House Budget Committee’s proposed budget makes that task considerably more difficult. The Senate can avoid the same mistake by choosing the correct baseline.

Want to know more about tax reform and what is at stake this Fall?

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Do you believe conservative tax reform will be passed in Congress this Fall? Why or why not?

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