Daughter of the Cold War tells her story to Heritage

Last Thursday, Heritage expert Helle Dale sat down with Grace Kennan Warnecke, Chairman of the Board of the National Committee on American Foreign Policy, to talk about Warnecke’s firsthand experiences with the Cold War and the Soviet Union.

Warnecke, daughter of influential diplomat George F. Kennan, lived through both the rise and fall of the Soviet Union. She attended a Soviet school during World War II, accompanied Ted Kennedy and his family to Russia, helped Joseph Stalin’s daughter defect to America, and worked to restore economic prosperity to women in Ukraine after the wall fell.

Watch Warnecke recount her story:

What lessons do you think we can learn from the Cold War today?

Assistant Secretary of State Addresses European Affairs at Heritage

Assistant Secretary of State A. Wess Mitchell addressed The Heritage Foundation on “Preserving the West,” outlining the Trump Administration’s long term goals in European affairs.

Secretary Mitchell specializes in European and Eurasian Affairs, and he stresses that anchoring the Western alliance is key. Under Trump, America is finally accepting its responsibilities to Europe and aims to put real resources into its defense. “The stronger we are today,” he says, “the less likely a certain school of rivals can choose our path for tomorrow.”

In his closing statement, the Assistant Secretary of State reassured us that the United States is making important progress in strengthening Europe. As a follower of Heritage’s research for years, Mitchell thanked us for “bringing original ideas to the policy debate here in Washington.”

The Heritage Foundation is honored to facilitate discussions on U.S. interests in foreign policy. With your help, we hope to continue to assist leaders in Washington by hosting platform that discusses sound policies which defend our national security.

Watch the event here:

What do you think about America’s relationship with Europe right now?

Heritage Helps Support Baker in SCOTUS Victory

In a 7-2 decision last Monday, The Supreme Court ruled in favor of religious liberty. Jack Phillips, the owner of Masterpiece Cakeshop, was not a victim of the liberal black robe. He fiercely defended his religious convictions, and won the case to save his cakeshop. This is groundbreaking news for all Americans and a big win for freedom.

The Heritage Foundation has worked closely alongside the Phillips family in the journey to the finish line. In September of last year, Heritage expert Ryan Anderson sat down with him in our Allison Auditorium to discuss the Colorado Civil Rights Commission’s attack against his rights as an American citizen to exercise his religion.

A deeply religious man, Phillips believed that it was his duty to serve the savior that he loved. Because of that conviction, he refused to bake a cake for a same-sex wedding. In his opening remarks, Phillips tells Anderson, “No man can serve two masters,” and he says when he lays out his business plan that “you can’t serve God and money.”

That December, The Daily Signal followed Phillips back to his hometown in Lakewood, Colorado. In an interview, Phillip’s daughter told The Daily Signal that God had chosen her father to bear the burden of this attack, and his sacrifice paid off.

On the day of SCOTUS’ decision, Ryan Anderson captured exactly why Masterpiece Cakeshop v. Colorado Civil Rights Commission is a monumental victory for the country in a commentary on The Daily Signal. He said, “The court made it clear that hostility toward religion has no place in America, least of all our government.” In doing so, the separation of church and state remains intact.

We at The Heritage Foundation sincerely admire Jack Phillips and his family’s six-year sacrifice in the name of religious liberty. Their commitment to truth has finally been rewarded by justice.

We are also very thankful for you and your support. As a Heritage member, you made justice for Jack possible. Without your generosity, we would not have been able to help Jack Phillips uphold his firm beliefs. Thank you!

Have there been circumstances where you’ve been persecuted for your faith? If yes, how so?