Kay Coles James becomes Heritage’s next president

On Tuesday, Kay Coles James was announced as the next president of Heritage.

We are thrilled to have president-elect Kay Coles James to lead Heritage into 2018.

Watch Kay James first message to Heritage members below:

You can also listen to her first address to Heritage staff after the announcement was made.

The media quickly picked up on this announcement and here’s what they had to say:

James takes the helm at Heritage as the bastion of conservative thought reaches new heights in influence in Washington, DC. Many of Heritage’s best and brightest have gone on to key positions in the Trump administration, covering the gamut from diplomacy and the military, to health care and taxes, to homeland security. The rare combination of unified Republican government creates an opening for pursuing conservative solutions to problems that have lingered for decades. –Breitbart 

The conservative Heritage Foundation announced Tuesday that board member Kay Coles James will serve as its sixth president starting next year. Her goal, she said Tuesday, will be to expand the base of the conservative movement and “take it to places it may not have been before.” … The Heritage Foundation is the country’s largest conservative think tank and has played an integral role in policy formation during Republican administrations. James, however, said she will approach her job not as “some policy wonk,” but as a problem solver who is interested in how policy “can affect and empower people in their lives.” –Politico

The Heritage Foundation selected Kay Coles James as its next president, the conservative think tank announced Tuesday. James, a member of Heritage’s board of trustees since 2005, has worked in government, academia, and the conservative movement during her career, the Heritage Foundation said. James worked as a member of the National Commission on Children under former President Ronald Reagan, as well as roles in the administrations of former Presidents George H.W. Bush and George W. Bush. –The Blaze

Please join me in welcoming James to this new role at Heritage.

What questions or comments do you have for James as she begins her role as Heritage’s president?


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