Jordan Hess: Building conservative connections across America

In a time where it seems like everyone is divided against each other, it’s Jordan Hess’s job to bring the conservative movement together.

Jordan, Director of Coalition Relations at Heritage, started working in politics at the state level in Utah, before Senator Mike Lee asked him to come work in his D.C. office as a legislative assistant. He also worked on Senator Lee’s reelection campaign. Each of these jobs gave him vital connections and valuable insights into the world of politics and policy at all levels, and soon he wanted to pull all of them together.

During the three years he spent in the Senator Lee’s office, Jordan interacted often with Heritage and Heritage Action, listening closely to their policy recommendations to help him in his own work. That’s why he decided to come work in coalition relations at Heritage—he knew from his experience on the Hill that Heritage was by far the most influential think tank with the best conservative policy.

At Heritage, Jordan is the one who builds up leaders, networks, and platforms for conservative ideas and voices to spread into the heart of America. In his words, his role is to “educate, strengthen, and grow the movement” by identifying conservative leaders across the country and providing them with Heritage materials, and building relationships and networks between those leaders so that they can strengthen one another. He and his team also travel widely to represent The Heritage Foundation across the country, and encourage people at all levels of politics and government to learn more about conservative policy.

Through Jordan and his team’s hard work, and thanks to your support, Heritage is spreading conservative principles beyond Capitol Hill. Together, we’re reclaiming America and America’s leaders for our founding principles.

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