Insurance companies are pushing physician-assisted suicide

The Daily Signal’s latest video report shared the heartbreaking story of one doctor’s encounter with the harsh realities of insurance companies pressuring doctors towards physician-assisted suicide as opposed to life-saving treatments.

According to Dr. Brian Callister, two patients he cared for recently were both denied life-saving treatment by their insurance companies.

They told me flat out, “Brian we’re not gonna pay for the life-saving procedure. But oh, by the way, have you considered assisted suicide?”

As Dr. Callister continues:

I’ve taken care of somewhere in four figures worth of terminally ill patients. Compassion and care is what I’m all about. But this hurts people. This is not about compassion and care. This is about limiting choice and taking care options away from everyone…

Now the most important part to me are the people who have nothing to do with this, the people who are not terminal, the disabled, the depressed, the poor and marginalized, being forced down this road because they’re gonna be denied treatment by insurance companies just like my two patients were denied treatment…this is a travesty of social justice.

Watch The Daily Signal’s video below to hear Dr. Callister’s full story.

Tucker Carlson watched this video on The Daily Signal and used Dr. Callister’s story to introduce a segment on his Fox News show.

Thanks to your support, The Daily Signal was able to bring this powerful story to a much broader audience and frame the argument against physician-assisted suicide for other news outlets.

What do you think can and should be done to prevent the horrors of assisted-physician suicide in the future?

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