Illegal immigrants caravan to US border

Earlier this week, a caravan of migrants from Central America headed for the United State’s southern border with the intention of illegally entering.

Heritage has an experienced team of experts who know well all the aspects of immigration and refugee policies. These experts are David Inserra, Ana Quintana, Hans von Spakovsky, David Shedd and Steve Bucci.

Just as Heritage was the first think tank to create a homeland security team after 9/11, we are the first to pull together a team of experts on this migration crisis.

The Daily Signal, always quick to provide the conservative perspective, released this video:

Thankfully, as Heritage expert Ana Quintana reported, the crisis was averted when Mexico decided to vet these migrants and remove any illegally in the country.

This is yet another example of the threat that our Immigration system faces and why we need to reform it immediately.

Heritage released a detailed report last year on how the US Refugee Admissions program should be reformed.

Read the full report >>

We will continue to work to reform the broken immigration system.


What should be the top priority for immigration reform?


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