How one man is setting the debate for law practices

You are continuing to have a great influence through the work of Heritage’s policy experts.

Paul Larkin, a Senior Research Fellow in the Meese Center for Legal and Judicial Studies, works hard to fight against any misuse of criminal law–especially at the federal government level.

Larkin has been with Heritage for six years and has published over 40 articles in several notable law and public policy journals.

Recently, Larkin’s work was instrumental in overturning an illegal practice by the Obama Administration. This practice involved taking money the government received in a settlement and giving it to third parties that were friends of the Administration–money that was supposed to be placed into the US Treasury so Congress could decide how to spend it.

Larkin published numerous articles explaining why this practice should be stopped and a few months ago Attorney General Jeff Sessions repealed this policy–citing Larkin’s work as support for his decision.

Read some of his most recent reports below:

Thanks to your continued support experts like Paul Larkin are enabled to keep fighting for your conservative principles.

Thank you for making this possible.

What other reforms does our legal system need?

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