Highlighting our heroes: border patrol agents

The Daily Signal’s recent video report sheds light on the little-known “Border Patrol Search, Trauma, and Rescue Unit” (BORSTAR). BORSTAR agents not only rescue border patrol agents but increasingly rescue illegal immigrants in perilous situations.

According to John Welter, a BORSTAR agent in San Diego:

Most people don’t realize that the Border Patrol has paramedics, search and rescue capability…But a lot of times our guys put themselves in a lot of danger, and you end up almost in as bad a shape as the person you’re trying to rescue.

“Surprisingly, I think the population on the South side of the border is more aware of what the border Patrol does in terms of rescue capability than the north side of the population.

Thanks to the Daily Signal’s investigative reporting, the stories of real American heroes like John are being told.

Watch the Daily Signal’s video below to find out more about BORSTAR.

What do you think of traditional mainstream media’s portrayal of border agents compared to The Daily Signal’s as highlighted in this video?

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