Heritage’s role in the President Trump’s reorganization initiative

Cutting the federal government back down to its proper size is critical to changing Washington for the better.

Last week, Heritage Research Fellow Rachel Greszler testified in front of the Senate on the President’s reorganization initiative. Grezler works in Heritage’s Center for Data Analysis as an expert in economics, budget, and entitlements.

The President’s initiative draws heavily from two Blueprint plans created by Heritage. The first is an analysis of federal departments and agencies, and the second is on pathways to reform and cross-cutting issues.

Both Blueprints recommend eliminating agencies, merging offices, and passing responsibilities from federal to local governments.

On our Mass Ave podcast, Greszler explained the President’s initiative:

It means getting rid of inefficiencies, duplications, waste, and looking at the government comprehensively and saying, ‘Is this something that the Constitution says? Is this something the Federal government should be doing, or would it be better to leave this to state and local governments, or the private sector?

You can listen to the podcast below:


Greszler is believes government re-organization is a key step toward restoring limited government.

In the podcast she went on to say:

This is an opportunity to focus the federal government on its core, constitutional functions; to eliminate unnecessary, ineffective, and wasteful programs and agencies; to fix the federal government’s significantly flawed personnel policies; and to make the government work better for taxpayers.

What government programs and agencies would you suggest be reorganized or eliminated?

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