Heritage’s research directly impacts Pentagon’s strategy

Heritage’s latest research on military strategies has directly impacted the Pentagon’s decision to form a team to determine how the United States can return to a “two-war” posture.

A “two-war” posture is a military force rational that requires an ability to handle two major wars simultaneously or in closely overlapping time frames.

This is an idea Heritage has been advocating for since the introduction of our Index of U.S. Military Strength in 2015.

It is in keeping with the ancient idea of ‘peace through strength’ that was coined by the Roman Emperor Hadrian and later used by President Ronald Reagan when he observed that “peace does not exist of its own will; it depends on us, on our courage to build and guard it”.

General Tom Spoehr, the director of Heritage’s Center for National Defense, explains how the Pentagon’s decision makes America stronger:

This provides America with the ability to engage in a major fight with the confidence that we have the wherewithal to deter and fight an opportunistic enemy who might take advantage of our commitment elsewhere.

By supporting our research, you are making America a stronger, safer, better place for yourself and for future generations.

What other decisions should the Pentagon make to keep America strong?

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