Heritage’s new president on education equality

Kay Coles James, Heritage’s president-elect, has a passion for the future of our nation’s children–especially when it comes to their education.

This past summer she wrote an article in The Daily Signal explaining some of the glaring problems of our education system–and who is responsible. In her article she states:

But missing from this year’s ceremonies are more than one million kids who dropped out and will not be attending graduation day.

The future those high school dropouts face is chilling. They will have a much harder time getting a job and will earn much less than those who did graduate. They’re also more likely to commit a crime and more likely to be the victim of one.

In short, many of them face a life that will be so much more difficult—all because they could not or chose not to finish high school.

Every single child—no matter their race, income, gender, or address—has the equal right to receive an excellent education. And every day in which that right isn’t a reality is a day in which we are losing more of these precious children.

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What do you think is the most needed education reform? 

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