Heritage voices concerns about the Farm Bill

The Farm Bill that just went through the Senate is a legislative disaster, but Heritage experts have recommendations as to how to make it better.

Last week, Heritage’s Agricultural Policy Expert Darren Bakst argued that “in its current form, the Senate farm bill is many things, but conservative is not one of them.” He upheld Heritage’s stance on the matter, which is to reform the work requirements that allow the poor food stamp benefits.

Bakst maintained that the farm bill does nothing to decrease wasteful spending, reduce our dependence on the federal government, or help both the taxpayers and food stamp beneficiaries.

In another review, Bakst pointed out that the bill funnels “more taxpayer money to special interests,” which produces wasteful subsidy programs. If the bill does pass, he warned, then Congress is squandering billions of dollars on agricultural businesses that have no need for government assistance.

Americans are also unhappy that their voices are not being heard in Congress. Bakst notes that despite the fact that most Americans feel that work requirements are very reasonable for able-bodied adults who apply for welfare, the bill does not strengthen work requirements at all to qualify for food stamps.

Despite it all, the experts at Heritage continue their efforts to help reform the bad policies that are put forth by leaders in Washington. Thank you for your consistent support. You’re the one bringing the conservative message to the decisionmakers who need to hear it most as the Farm Bill goes into committee.

What do you think are the best ways to manage welfare in America?

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