Heritage stands for your values despite opposition

Your support of The Heritage Foundation has earned us a prominent place on Capitol Hill, standing strong for conservative principles in the face of opposition. Last Thursday, that prominent position aggravated Democrat Senator Jeff Merkley enough for him to attack Heritage by name for over 20 minutes on the Senate floor.

During his diatribe, the senator attacked the work of Ambassador Terry Miller, who directs Heritage’s Center for International Trade and Economics, and who has written extensively on the climate change debate. Senator Merkley accused him and Heritage as a whole of “misleading” Americans on matters of climate change, and “muddying the waters on established science.”

Senator Merkley also displayed posters on the floor of Congress showing Heritage at the center of what he called a “web of deceit,” claiming that we were “engaged directly in the game of politics on behalf of the Koch brother cabal.” He also claimed that our mission of introducing conservative ideas into the American mainstream was “a more complicated way of saying [Heritage] was created to be an advocate for the fossil fuel industry.” He used a diagram showing Heritage receiving donations from the Koch brothers and Exxon-Mobil in order to illustrate his point.

Senator Merkley’s comments were simplistic and wholly unfounded. While the senator may find it convenient to dismiss our research out of hand, we pride ourselves on the independence and quality of our scholarship. Heritage never has and never will tailor policy positions for money. Conservative values and constitutional principles come first in all of our work, and can never be swayed by the opinions of people in power or of special interests.

Heritage will proudly continue to represent your conservative values on Capitol Hill no matter what anyone might say about us.

How do you handle opposition to your conservative values?

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