Heritage releases plan to “drain the swamp”

In response to President Trump’s executive order calling for each agency to put together a plan to increase efficiency within the federal government, Heritage experts just released the Blueprint for Reorganization. This comprehensive analysis of the federal agencies lays out a plan to reorganize their structure, to eliminate wasteful spending and increase efficiency.

In order to seize this opportunity, Heritage experts from all different disciplines came together and worked tirelessly to create a comprehensive reorganization plan based on fundamental conservative positions.

This plan provides a detailed analysis of just how to “drain the swamp.” it outlines what departments ought to be cut back, when they should be cut back, and how. In fact, the plan recommends the elimination of 53 programs within the different agencies.

Thanks to you, Heritage was able to seize this opportunity. Thanks to you, Heritage is equipped with the resources and dedicated staff able to turn out a comprehensive plan on short notice. And thanks to you, Heritage was able to maximize a truly unique opportunity to apply our core principles to make real impact on the federal government.

Read the full Blueprint for Reorganization plan >>

Do you believe the federal government needs to be reorganized? What federal agencies would you like to see cut?

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