Heritage leads the charge for a vibrant conservative movement

Heritage’s Coalitions team, lead by Jordan Hess, hosts numerous events to bring the conservative movement together and Hess actively presenting at movement events around the country. According to Hess, these events are especially important to gather information on what Americans care about.

In this chaotic political climate it’s more critical than ever for conservatives to stand together.

A Washington Times article published this week highlighted the current strength of conservative rallies and events, noting Heritage’s solid presence, and hypothesizing what those events mean for the conservative movement at large.

Read the full Washington Times article here >>

After highlighting the 18+ events that Heritage staff have attended this year alone, the piece points how these events reach young conservatives.

Heritage will continue to lay the groundwork and forge ahead in promoting the principles of conservatism to the next generation of conservative leaders.

A stronger Heritage equals a stronger conservative movement.

Thanks to you, Heritage is able to continue this impact that will have a huge influence on conservative policy for generations to come.

What are the conservative movement’s biggest opportunities for growth?

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