Heritage is reclaiming America, and the New York Times agrees

Thanks to you and your support of conservative principles, Heritage can serve as a guiding light for the conservative movement. Even The New York Times agrees.

The Times published three articles last week about Heritage’s achievements in staffing the Trump administration. As you know, the New York Times is one of the country’s most influential mainstream news sources, and they recognized how notable we have become in taming big government. That’s huge.

The wave of coverage started with Jonathan Mahler’s cover article in the New York Times magazine, “How One Conservative Think Tank Is Stocking Trump’s Government.” In it, Mahler tells the story of how Heritage rose to prominence in Washington, and calls us “the nation’s last line of defense against the advancing forces of progressivism.”

Twenty-four hours later, Glenn Thrush and Erica L. Green published the article “Trump to Propose Government Reorganization, Targeting Safety Net Programs,” which described how Heritage has long sought to cut government costs by reorganizing and merging different agencies.

The coverage from Thrush and Green didn’t end there. The next day they released the article “Behind Trump’s Plan to Overhaul the Government: Scaling Back the Safety Net.” The piece recounts Heritage’s support of the reorganization and reallocation of resources within the administrative state. In it, Thrush and Green call out Mick Mulvaney’s, Betsey DeVos’s, and Jeff Sessions’ strong work in government reform, all of whom were originally recommended by The Heritage Foundation to serve in President Trump’s administration.

So, how did Heritage become integral in staffing the current administration?

This answer can be traced back to you—a valued member of The Heritage Foundation. Your commitment to truth, love for liberty, and sincere generosity inspires us every day. Because of you, the mainstream media is taking notice of how serious conservatives are about reviving the state of our nation.

Did you read the article about Heritage in The New York Times? What did you think of it?

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