Heritage hosts former Australian Prime Minister

On July 11, former Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott visited Heritage to discuss his perspective on President Trump’s first year and a half in office. In his talk, he address how the President’s foreign, defense, and trade policies are affecting the relationship between the United States and our close Australian allies, and where he sees the alliance going in the future.

Abbott has been a longtime ally to conservative values, and to the Heritage Foundation. He last visited The Heritage Foundation in 2012 when he was Leader of the Opposition in Australia’s House of Parliament, when he spoke to Heritage expert Kim Holmes about the relationship between America and the U.S. and its importance for maintaining security in the Asia-Pacific.

We are glad to maintain strong ties to the international conservative movement, and look forward to continuing to work with Australian leaders to strengthen conservative values the world over.

Watch the event here:

What foreign policy issues do you think President Trump should focus on with our allies?

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