Heritage helps revive a way for President Trump to cut spending

Trump is making good on campaign promises, and is using a disused but effective process to request that Congress cut $15 billion in spending this year. This is the largest spending cut that the president has ever requested.

The process, known as a rescissions package, is a request from the President for Congress to cut spending. Once it’s presented, Congress has 45 days to act on the request. While it used to be an extremely common process, with President Reagan using it over 200 times during some years of his administration, it fell out of use in the Bush and Obama years. The Daily Signal released an article last month that outlines the process and its history, bringing attention to the process and putting several conservative leaders on record supporting its use.

A few days before Trump made his request, reporter Rachel del Guidice interviewed more leading conservatives in another article, expressing their support for the rescissions package as a good first step. Once the rescissions package became official, Heritage experts also began to voice their perspectives on the bill. Senior policy analyst Justin Bogie released a report on the package, calling it a good first step that will need to be followed by even stronger action. Heritage founder Ed Feulner also discussed the rescissions package in a Washington Times article, agreeing that the rescissions package was the right place to start for spending reform.

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What do you think should be the next steps for America’s budget?

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