Heritage experts provide recommendations on North Korea

Heritage experts are once again providing honest, conservative analysis in the media. With a summit becoming likely between President Trump, President Moon Jae-in of South Korea, Prime Minister Shinzō Abe of Japan, and leader of North Korea Kim Jong-un, conservative insight into the negotiations ahead will be critical. 

Last Monday, Senior Research Fellow Bruce Klingner published a piece in The National Interest that gives a detailed analysis of Kim Jong-un’s possible motives in stopping the nuclear tests. Overall, he advises caution—the Kim dynasty has often gone back on promises and moratoriums, and discontinuing the nuclear programs right now could potentially put the country in a position of strength if they were to begin negotiations. Klingner suggests we should be cautiously optimistic in the weeks and months to come.

Also on Monday, The Washington Times ran an article by Heritage founder and former president Ed Feulner, who has extensive experience with Korea and knows each of these leaders personally. In his article, he recommends three pieces of advice to the leaders meeting with Kim: 

1.       to present a unified front between the three countries

2.       to demand immediate dismantling and removal of North Korea’s nuclear weapons

3.       to be sure to maintain realistic expectations for the meeting

The Kim dynasty has historically disregarded the different deals and treaties they have made with the free world, so Feulner maintains it is likely that not much will change after this meeting. The point of the meetings, Feulner says, is both to dismantle North Korea’s nuclear power and to expect the Hermit Kingdom to “act as a member of the civilized world.” To achieve these goals, America, Japan, and South Korea must “be patient, be strong and be together.”

Heritage analysts will continue to monitor and advise the situation in North Korea as it unfolds, providing the analysis and advice that our leaders need most right now.

What do you think about the developments in North Korea?

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