Heritage experts are valued voices on North Korean events

With relations between Korea and the United States fluctuating wildly in the past few weeks, the opinions of Heritage experts have been much sought after in analyzing the situations at hand.

On Tuesday, Heritage’s expert on Northeast Asia Bruce Klingner was asked to come onto multiple major networks to give his analysis of the situation at hand. FOX News and CNN interviewed him to talk about the pace of the events unfolding, and what to expect in the coming talks about denuclearization. Klingner also published an article in the Washington Post that day, where he compared Trump’s relations with Kim Jong Un to The Scrambler, a nauseating carnival ride filled with twists, drops, and sudden turns.  With Kim Jong Un’s unpredictable actions, Klingner says that “We’re in unchartered waters.” He also told Rebecca Kheel from The Hill that he is hopeful that President Trump will set the summit back in motion.

Later in the week, Heritage expert Olivia Enos appeared on FOX Business to offer her analysis on what she called the “on-again, off-again summit of the century,” and discuss whether we could expect the summit to happen. Fellow expert Dean Cheng also offered his perspective to FOX Business to discuss what the effects of a U.S.-North Korea summit might be, and how America should approach negotiations.

As the rollercoaster of events continues, Heritage experts will be prominent voices in analyzing and recommending policy for the issue.

How do you think President Trump should approach a summit with North Korea?

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