Heritage expert leading the charge on health care reform

Senior Research Fellow Robert (Bob) Moffit stays busy working in Heritage’s Center for Health Policy Studies.

However, in his spare time he also serves as Chairman of the Maryland Healthcare Commission where he is making a huge difference in reforming the healthcare system in Maryland.

When the announcement of Moffit’s appointment as Chairman was made this May the Washington Post had this to say:

Maryland Gov. Larry Hogan (R) on Tuesday appointed a leading critic of the Obama administration’s Affordable Care Act to chair the state’s health-care commission, drawing immediate criticism from Democrats.

Robert E. Moffit has served as a member of the commission, which oversees hospitals and health care in the state, since 2015. A senior fellow at the conservative Heritage Foundation, he has called for a full repeal of the federal health-care law, promoted Medicare vouchers and applauded the controversial health-care bill that House Republicans passed last week.

“If Marylanders weren’t scared of Governor Hogan’s refusal to oppose Trumpcare before, they should be now,” Maryland Democratic Party spokesman Bryan Lesswing said after Moffitt’s appointment was announced.

Last week, in his new role as Chairman, he led an effort to establish medical price transparency for elective hospital services in the State of Maryland.

This is a highly sophisticated consumer information program that would put the solutions to our dysfunctional healthcare system back in the hands of the consumer.

Please join me in congratulating Moffit on his work towards a more conservative healthcare system.

Heritage is grateful for the service of people like Moffit who never tire in their work to increase the freedom of the American people–whether at Heritage or on their own time.

What questions would you like to ask Moffit related to our current healthcare system?


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