Heritage and Heritage Action aid Pompeo’s nomination

Former Director of the CIA Mike Pompeo has received significant attention from all sides as he has endured the nomination process to become Secretary of State. He has also run into significant resistance from politicians on Capitol Hill. Heritage and Heritage Action, however, have both worked hard to aid in Pompeo’s confirmation—and because of your support, they had the influence to help him succeed.

Heritage has vocally approved of President Trump’s pick for the Secretary of State. Very soon after the news broke, Director of the Margaret Thatcher Center for Freedom Nile Gardiner published a piece on The Daily Signal about Pompeo. In it, Gardiner clearly outlines how Pompeo’s experience and skill in handling foreign policy makes him a strong choice. Vice President of National Security and Foreign Policy James Carafano also wrote a commentary in The Daily Signal, explaining how Pompeo would excel as Secretary of State, and critiquing Congress’s disappointing performance in waylaying his appointment.  

Heritage Action staff has echoed their support and has taken the fight to the halls of Congress. On Tuesday, Heritage Action key voted in favor of Pompeo’s nomination. They explain in their statement that, when Pompeo was the House Representative from Kansas District 04, Heritage Action rated him as 85% conservative on their influential scorecard, nearly 25% higher than the average rating for a Republican in the same position. They add that “Our country will be well-served with Pompeo as secretary of state.”

Heritage Action also included Pompeo’s confirmation on the Action scorecard, which means that other senators’ scores will be affected based on how they voted. This powerful tool has a significant impact on Congressmen’s voting habits, and likely aided in getting Pompeo the majority he needed to succeed.

What are your thoughts on how Congress has handled the nomination process for Trump appointees?

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